About Us

Based in Calgary, StoryMusic has a passion for chamber music and great stories. We find that the intimacy of a small group of musicians playing together goes hand-in-hand with the intimacy of storytelling. We also believe that music is full of meaning, and stories can provide a window into that magical world. We draw mainly upon the rich traditions of classical chamber music, but may delve into jazz, world music, contemporary music and improvisation for future projects. Stay tuned as we continue to explore where great stories and great music come together!
Artistic Director, Writer, and Violist:  Liza Scriggins
Narrator:  Samantha Whelan Kotkas
French Narrator: Julie Freedman Smith
Flutist:  Lucie Jones
Harpist:  Gianetta Baril
Cellist: Olena Kilchyk
Violinist: Elisa Milner
Banner Artist: Olga Cuttell of Oladesign