As founder and creator of StoryMusic, Liza Scriggins would like to recognize the many people who have helped us out– we would not be where we are today without their contributions!

Samantha Whelan Kotkas, Gianetta Baril and Lucie Jones have been encouraging from the start, have shared their immense wisdom, and have generously lent their prodigious talents even when we haven’t yet known whether grants would come through. Immense gratitude for their huge part in bringing this project to life.

Olga Cuttell of Oladesign has created incredible artwork for our concerts in the midst of her busy life, adding a vital dimension to the audience experience.

Barb Yates of Helen Scott Studios has been very generous with her photographic expertise, and many of our website photos (the good ones!) reflect her fine work.

Aeolian Strings has generously donated a kid-sized violin outfit for our post-concert instrument petting zoos.

Carol Tracey, Fong Ku, Samantha Whelan Kotkas, Gianetta Baril, Lucie Jones and Sandra McIntyre (especially Sandra!) have all helped in editing both Salmon & Dipper’s Wondrous Journey, Elk’s Wintry Day, and now Grounder’s Grand Adventure. These stories are still works in progress, but are certainly better after your suggestions!

Liesel Fedkenheuer and Norma Lewis have assisted with the narration part of our stories.

Claude LaPalme translated our first two stories into French; Julie Freedman Smith worked on the French narrations and also presented our concerts and pre-concert sessions in French.

Dr. Gail Michener, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences at the University of Lethbridge, reviewed our new story Grounder’s Grand Adventure, to make sure our facts were straight on Richardson’s ground squirrels (as well as other prairie denizens in the story). Dr. Ron Morgan, with his extensive background in animal biology, took time to fact-check Elk’s Wintry Day.

Carol Tracey and Jane Humen volunteered as ushers at our first public performance in November 2017.

Mount Royal University Conservatory gave us space to complete a demo recording in June 2016, and has also made rehearsal space available.

Doug Grelowski of DAT Media, Mark Ellestad of Hexagon Studio, Communications Specialist Tokie Brideaux, Connie’s Alterations, and Reena Fabrics have provided services essential to our presentations at discounted rates.

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts provided generous funding for our November 2016, December 2016 and February 2017 concerts at Immigrant Services, Heartland Agency, and YWCA, as well as our November 2017 concerts at Immigrant Services and the Central Library. They are also supporting us in our 2018-2019 ventures, to include performances at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, the Heartland Agency, and the New Central Library. We are most thankful for their contributions!

The National Arts Centre’s Music Alive Program sponsored us for our February-March 2018 pre-concert sessions and performances at the Centre for Newcomers and Immigrant Services. They have committed to 2 more years of funding, for which we are most grateful.

With the facilitation of Doug Kuss of the Calgary Musicians Association, the Music Performance Trust Fund has kindly sponsored us for our November-December 2018 performances at Cité des Rocheuses as well as Immigrant Services Calgary.

Thanks to one and all for your support!