Sold out! Little Red Riding Hood with Beethoven on February 5, 2023 at Central Library

A few photos from our SOLD OUT public concert last Sunday! Hugely grateful to our collaborators, supporters, hosts and lovely audience members: Kensington Sinfonia, including Genevieve Micheletti, Diane Lane, Liza Scriggins and Andrea Case; Green Fools Theatre, including Dean Bareham, Rebecca Fauser, Ali Grams, Katelyn Morishita, and Maggie MacKenzie; Calgary Foundation, the Grayson and Dorothy Morrison Flow Through Fund, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts; Helen Scott Studios and Barb Yates; Aeolian Strings, and Calgary Central Library. More photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube! We are excited to share the results of this Calgary premiere, and hope to be able to bring this program to more listeners before long ❤️

Thanks to Aeolian Strings!

We are super grateful for Aeolian Strings’ generous loan and Nykita’s help in finding a rare tenth-size cello for kids to try at our instrument discovery zoos after our concerts this past week! There was quite the lineup of eager kids at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association as well as the Central Library, and we hope it leads to more music makers in the coming generations ❤️

Concert at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, February 2, 2023

We loved the cheers from the audience when Red Riding Hood and Grandma escaped from Wolf! Many thanks to Gurpreet and her colleagues for helping to organize their event for over 100 of their clients— it was a pleasure to share Little Red Riding Hood with Beethoven to such an interested crowd. And many thanks to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts in making this performance possible!

Collaboration with Green Fools Theatre and Kensington Sinfonia! February 5, 2023 at 3:30 PM at Central Library

Thanks to Kensington Sinfonia’s grant from Calgary Foundation to add puppetry to my initial grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, we will be able to provide a free/pay-what-you-can public concert of Little Red Riding Hood with Beethoven, with Green Fools Theatre’s amazing puppetry! Ticketing info available soon, but for now, do save the date!

For more information on Calgary Foundation and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, check here: and

Morning and afternoon concerts at Immigrant Services Calgary’s Families Matter location

We were excited and honoured to perform Little Red Riding Hood with Beethoven for two lovely groups of parents and kids at Immigrant Services Calgary on December 8th! Many thanks to Darlene and Jatinder and their team for organizing everything. Here are some of the listeners’ comments:

“Thanks teachers and all performers from StoryMusic. It was such an amazing experience for both of us and the little ones. My daughter enjoyed that day a lot and was her first time to attend a music show. She kept saying the performers performed so well and she was so appreciated they practiced a lot for performing such wonderful music”

“Dear teacher Darlene & Jatinder thank you for the story music 🎼 organized, it was truly a pleasure to experience the wonderful music show. Kids enjoyed the music and my little one still repeats the story as it played to everyone back home. The music 🎶 swing all of us along.”

Canmore concert debut!

We are grateful to the good people at Canmore Seniors Centre for the use of their Creekside Hall this past weekend, as well as to our friendly audience members who came out to hear us! Special thanks go to Calgary Philharmonic violinist John Lowry, who valiantly stepped in to play the challenging Violin 1 parts at the eleventh hour when our usual player fell ill. It was a lovely crowd for a rainy Halloween weekend afternoon, and such a pleasure to premiere a live performance of Little Red Riding Hood with Beethoven. Hope to be back before long!

Coming up next: morning and afternoon concerts in early December at Immigrant Services Calgary’s NE location, another immigrant service centre performance in early February, and a public concert in Calgary at the Central Library’s Performance Hall on the afternoon of February 5, hopefully with Green Fools Theatre puppetry (grant application pending). More details soon!

Free public concert in Canmore!



1. What is the address of the venue for this event?

Creekside Hall at Canmore Seniors Association is located at 600B Ninth Street, Canmore, AB, T1W 3L9

2. Where do I get tickets? How much are they?

This will be a nonticketed free community event (thanks to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts): first come, first serve.

3. How long will the concert be?

The concert runs about 50 minutes. If viruses aren’t running too rampant, we’ll have a stringed instrument discovery zoo afterwards, where audience members can take turns trying a kid-sized cello and violin or two (with the help of our performers).

4. What will the show be like?

We start with a short selection of Beethoven’s music, followed by introductions, a little about our instruments and about Beethoven, some listening games, a short history of Little Red Riding Hood, and then the main event: Little Red Riding Hood narrated alongside Beethoven’s epic String Quartet No. 11 in F minor Op. 95, “Serioso.” This is not your typical fairytale! It has many of the traditional elements, but Beethoven’s music seems to suggest a different ending… 

5. Are costumes allowed? Are costumes required?

All are welcome, with or without costumes— although this being an all-ages event, we encourage costumes that will foster a sense of fun for even the littlest among us.

6. Who will be performing?

Luminous Voices singer Julie Freedman Smith will narrate/sing, along with Kensington Sinfonia members Genevieve Micheletti (violin 1), Diane Lane (violin 2), Liza Scriggins (writer and viola), and Andrea Case (cello).


Feel free to use our contact form if you have any other questions, and we hope to see you at this one-of-a-kind family-friendly event!

Thank you, Alberta Foundation for the Arts!

Thanks to the AFA, StoryMusic has the opportunity to perform its latest creation, Little Red Riding Hood with Beethoven, for the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association as well as Immigrant Services Calgary, along with two free public concerts, one in Canmore and one in Calgary. These events are slated for late October/early November 2022. Details on the October Canmore concert will be released shortly! The Calgary concert has been scheduled for February 5, 2023 at the Central Library’s Performance Hall, in hopes we can secure funding in collaboration with Kensington Sinfonia to bring in Green Fools Theatre with their fantastic puppetry. We will keep you posted on this joint effort!