Frequently Asked Questions


Is it OK for children to wiggle and make noise during the concert?

YES, we do expect young children to move around a bit and make some noise– there are even times when we ask them to do so, as part of the performance. We hope they will generally be so captivated by what’s going on that they will be actively listening, but we know little ones are not designed to sit still. If a child’s behaviour is persistently preventing other audience members from being able to enjoy the concert, we do ask that, where possible, the adult in charge bring that child to a place where they won’t distract others so much, and to rejoin when they are ready.


Should there be chairs for the audience?

No, it is fine for the children (and adults) to be on the floor– whatever is easiest and most comfortable.


What are your space and equipment needs?

  • a good place for the harpist to unload, with parking if possible
  • a “stage” area of about 9′ X 11′
  • 2 armless chairs
  • an electrical outlet
  • a place to put a harp case, viola case, flute case and coats/bags while we are performing


What equipment will you be bringing?

  • our instruments (viola, flute and harp)
  • a stand-alone banner
  • 4 music stands
  • a harp bench
  • a “river” of cloth to lay out in front of the musicians
  • a microphone, stand and speaker
  • 2 armless chairs (if not available at your venue)


What is the timeframe of the concert?

We should arrive one hour early for setup and harp tuning. Salmon and Dipper’s Wondrous Journey runs just under 20 minutes, but we usually start the concert with a short introductory piece and some discussion, making for an approximately 30-minute concert. For older children, we can add in more discussion and/or music as desired, to make for an approximately 50-minute concert. We also usually stay afterwards for 15+ minutes to field questions and/or mingle with the children, depending on what suits your schedule as well as on the age of the audience. So a typical school concert schedule might look like this:

  • 9:30 AM arrival for tuning and setup
  • 10:30 AM performance
  • 11:15 AM Q & A & mingling with the artists
  • 11:30 AM finish


What are your fees?

Fees vary according to options and locations– please inquire here: Contact Us