Performances at Cité des Rocheuses, November 2018


Storymusic was very excited to offer our first performances in French earlier today! We are grateful to Cité des Rocheuses and the Music Performance Trust Fund for making this possible. At 10 AM we played for an audience of about 60, including preschool children at Pommes de Reinette Daycare as well as some community members, presenting Le voyage merveilleux de Saumon et Dipper. The next hour we performed for a slightly smaller group of elementary children and families (yay for PD days!) to present Saumon et Dipper as well as Jour d’hiver du Wapiti. Thanks also to the National Art’s Centre’s Music Alive Program, we were able to meet with the children at Pommes de Reinette the previous week for a pre-concert session, sharing a bit more with the kids about the composers, our instruments, things to listen for in the music, and ways to make music together. Kudos to our narrator Julie Freedman Smith for navigating in French! You can view some of the action on our Videos page.

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