Morning and afternoon concerts at Immigrant Services Calgary’s Families Matter location

We were excited and honoured to perform Little Red Riding Hood with Beethoven for two lovely groups of parents and kids at Immigrant Services Calgary on December 8th! Many thanks to Darlene and Jatinder and their team for organizing everything. Here are some of the listeners’ comments:

“Thanks teachers and all performers from StoryMusic. It was such an amazing experience for both of us and the little ones. My daughter enjoyed that day a lot and was her first time to attend a music show. She kept saying the performers performed so well and she was so appreciated they practiced a lot for performing such wonderful music”

“Dear teacher Darlene & Jatinder thank you for the story music 🎼 organized, it was truly a pleasure to experience the wonderful music show. Kids enjoyed the music and my little one still repeats the story as it played to everyone back home. The music 🎶 swing all of us along.”

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