June 2022 performances

StoryMusic was happy to be able to share Grounder’s Grand Adventure with students in grades K-6 at Calgary Montessori School in Britannia on June 13th, including a performance by a 6-year-old MRU Conservatory viola student who also attends that school, all thanks to the Mount Royal Conservatory’s school outreach program.

StoryMusic also played a free public concert in Rimbey on June 15th as part of the Red Deer Symphony’s community outreach in conjunction with the Health Arts Society of Alberta. Everyone had interesting questions, and there was a wonderful sense of community by the end of the evening! We were grateful to the Rimbey Public Library for hosting us at the last minute when the weather became too iffy for stringed instruments outdoors. There’s nothing like trying to execute fast spiccato string crossings with stiff, chilled fingers while attempting to shield your instrument from occasional rain drops and prevent your music from blowing away— the library was much cozier for us. And special thanks to RDSO Executive Director Jennette Miller for all her hard work in making this event happen!

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