Be Creative Camp at the newly renovated Centre for Newcomers!

This summer, StoryMusic was lucky to be part of a unique collaboration between the National Arts Centre, filmmaker Emil Agopian, teaching artists Samantha Whelan Kotkas and Walter MacDonald White Bear, voice artist Jonathan Love, puppet guru Dean Bareham, and the good people at the Centre for Newcomers, bringing a week-long arts camp to children recently arrived in Canada. The kids, teachers and counsellors had an amazing array of artistic experiences and exposure to top teaching artists in Alberta: a performance of StoryMusic’s Grounder’s Grand Adventure with Jonathan Love narrating, an amazing presentation by Walter MacDonald White Bear, a shadow puppet-making session with Green Fools Theatre’s founder Dean Bareham, and a masterful wrap-up with Samantha Whelan Kotkas. Emil Agopian was fantastic at teaching the kids claymation, and got his crew to film along the way. He will later distill it all into a documentary, and work with StoryMusic to create a film of storytelling and music that responds the kids’ responses to the camp. Stay tuned for more on this exciting venture! We are deeply grateful to the National Arts Centre for making it all possible ❤️

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